The Omeo Region Community Recovery Association (ORCRA) was formed to voice the communities of the Omeo Region's needs in preparation, response and recovery.

Populated localities that make up the Omeo District include Anglers Rest, Benambra, Bindi, Bingo Munjie, Brookville, Bundara, Cassilis, Cobungra, Doctors Flat, Ensay, Ensay North, Glen Valley, Hinnomunjie, Livingstone Valley, Omeo, Omeo Valley, Reedy Flat, Shannonvale, Swifts Creek, Tambo Crossing, Tongio and Uplands.

PLEASE NOTE: This website is being regularly updated as progress on our 7 priorities that came out of the survey takes place.

Community resources

You can use the map below to find essential resources for your community. Click on the icons below for ORCRA's Local Emergency Management Plans and the Council's Local Incident Management Plans. Also a link to the ORCRA Resilience Plan, and also an explanation of what to find at assembly areas.

Recovery priorities

In January 2022, the Omeo Region Community Resilience survey closed. The Omeo Region Community Resilience survey was a vital vital part of understanding priority areas and encouraging local voices to have a real input into future planning.

The responses and data recieved from this survey identified 7 key priority areas for the Omeo region's recovery. You can browse these priority areas below and download the survey report to see the responses received.

7 icons represented in a circle that depict ORCRA's 7 priority areas