The Corryong Primary School campus was opened in July 1877 and was locally referred to as the Corryong Upper Murray High School.

The school was originally built with one large classroom and residence attached. By 1878 the number of students increased and additional rooms were added to the site in 1908.

In 1913 an additional room was built on the Towong side of the main building, and where possible classes such as woodwork and cooking were held in this room. This building was used until its demolition in 1960.

By 1953 it had become a Higher Elementary School and was split into two campuses with Primary and Secondary school on separate sites.

In 1958 the school was recognised as a Consolidated School, this occurred with the closing of all the smaller outlying schools and children were bused into Corryong to attend school.

With the arrival of the Snowy Mountain scheme in the 1960s the number of students dramatically increased and in 1974 the School Centenary was celebrated with a total of sixteen classrooms.

The Nariel School building was also brought to the site and used as the arts and craft room and the administration building was constructed in in the 1980s.

In April 2002 Corryong Consolidated School and Corryong Secondary College merged to become Corryong College, a P – 12 school. In February 2020, the junior campus closed and a P to 4 building on the senior campus now provides a modern learning environment.

Image Gallery

These photos have been provided by the Upper Murray Historical Society and show the growth of the school over the years from its beginnings to the Consolidated Primary School in 1968.